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"I booked Eva on a recommendation from a friend, to help my husband sort out his style.  He's received many compliments since her visit, he's enjoying the process of putting his outfits together, and his side of the wardrobe is super organised now.  He was so inspired by his own transformation he booked Eva for me, the loving wife. I liked that Eva was so efficient with my wardrobe clean out (yes, no, yes to each item) and then backfilled with key pieces that helped tie everything together. This meant I was able to keep my own personality in the process.  

We have had the Eva touch for both of us!  It's been a noticeable uplift in our moods and we enjoy the buzz of getting ready to go out now."


Before... And happliy ever after...

Before... And happliy ever after...


"Having Eva declutter my wardrobe was a fun, informative experience. She brings a fresh perspective, pulling together a curated wardrobe and suggesting outfit combinations while quickly and painlessly culling any tired / outdated and unflattering items. All without any pressure to buy more clothes - quite the opposite in fact!

By the end of the morning, I felt in control of my wardrobe, had a few new beauty tips up my sleeve and kinda wanted the fabulous Eva to be my bestie!"

- Sarah


“Thank you Eva for bringing your incredible eye to helping me sort out my wardrobe. Your careful editing of my wardrobe was extremely methodical, pruning out many pieces that were just clutter.

The way you then helped me put together different looks with my existing clothes was nothing short of amazing. You showed me how to use accessories and shoes and jackets, creating a series of amazing looks from all of my existing clothes, all of which I loved. When we did go shopping for a couple of key pieces, again your eye was incredible, finding the perfect pair of jeans and other pieces needed to update my wardrobe so quickly and efficiently.

I loved that you found pieces that were great value also - not just the most expensive fix. It was an absolute pleasure to go shopping with you. Thank you again Eva, and i look forward to our next wardrobe update!”

- Sam



"Eva came and spent a couple of hours at my home a few weeks ago - it was the most cathartic experience and so much fun!

From gazing into a cluttered, chaotic wardrobe feeling like I had nothing to wear, I now have a streamlined, organised wardrobe with capsule pieces that I can mix and match.

I now feel confident and happy choosing my outfits from the clothes, shoes and bags that I had forgotten I had. I highly recommend getting Eva to work through your wardrobe and bring back the pleasure in putting outfits together quickly and without hassle, knowing that they look great."

- Barbara


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 “My time with Eva was transformative. Through her practical and honest advice we quickly streamlined my existing wardrobe and updated it with key pieces that are flexible and more suited to my body shape. 

Shopping with Eva was fast and effortless, you stand in the changing room while she brings you pieces to try on. Not only does this save you time, it also saves you costly mistakes. No longer will you be vulnerable to a shop assistant and go home with buyers regret. Instead you will have well considered items that look great and all work together.

Eva's approach will have you buying less and wearing more. It is well worth the investment”

- Jane

"Wow 😮  Eva!! You’re amazing!!

 It was such a cleansing feeling having you go through my wardrobe. Getting rid of 6 huge garbage bags full of dated and old clothes that didn’t fit me anymore. Going shopping with you was so fabulous, getting back to basics with some beautiful pieces! Your eye for detail is awesome... I look forward to seeing you next season for a winter makeover!!"

- Naomi

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"Waking up to a simple and ordered wardrobe makes life so much easier. I feel stress free as all my outfits are styled together, and against my normal pattern of things getting into a 'muddle' I have maintained all the order Eva has structured for me. With all the best intentions, we seem to be unable to do it ourselves. 

With a few inexpensive ad-ons, everything in my wardrobe came together and I realise I now have all occasions covered!"

- Anne

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