Wardrobe Consultant - Personal Shopper


Services - Personal shopper / Wardrobe consultant

What I offer is a simple...

Straightforward, cost-effective way to manage what should be a pleasurable experience and part of your every day life. It doesn't need to be stressful nor should it be all-consuming. I will teach you how to make informed fashion decisions that will serve you well long term, as opposed to slavishly succumbing to fashion fads. You will discover how to save money and be smart with your fashion choices. 

The experience of decluttering and "letting go" is cathartic. 

I will collaboratively work together with you to create a timeless, quality capsule wardrobe with “10 must have hero pieces". Sometimes what is needed is a neutral opinion that gives you a fresh perspective of your wardrobe as opposed to someone who has a preconceived idea of you. I am sensitive to your needs and I believe the experience and process should always be pleasant and to have fun along the way! 

Often the real work comes down to organising and styling existing pieces that are already in the wardrobe and reviewing what is missing. 

I cater to all tastes and all budgets - no matter how small. You may need my services for a total overhaul, a declutter or to organise a special event/occasion. 

I advise both women and men - even that difficult teenager who won’t listen to you! 

Long term you will spend less as you know what truly suits you, what you are looking for and what if anything is needed in your wardrobe. 

  • No more impulse shopping mistakes.

  • No more sales people pressuring you to buy inappropriate styles for you.

  • No more hidden tactics of the retail sector.

Above all enjoy shopping in the future and feel confident and happy in yourself. Less time in the stores and rummaging through the wardrobe and more time looking fabulous!